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Please Read

Information Regarding the Momo Challenge


Dear Parents/Guardians,

You may have read in the news already about the “Momo Challenge” which has been doing the rounds online. The Sydney Morning Herald article linked below describes the challenge as:

“It involves cyber predators in the guise of “Momo”, contacting the children through applications such as WhatsApp and other social media platforms and instructing them to self-harm or suicide. If children don’t do as instructed, they are told that Momo will harm them or a family member.”

One particularly sadistic way in which the challenge is doing the rounds is through YouTube videos.  Children can be watching a kids video on YouTube, that looks and sounds like a normal “kids video” only for the Momo character to appear in the middle of the video. The sound can still be playing, giving parents the impressions they are still watching the Children’s video.

We want to inform you as a means to be proactive as a school community, In the past, things like this can spread throughout the school in the playground,


Parents Support


Link to article in the Sydney Morning Herald