COVID-19 Update 12-2-21

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Good afternoon parents,

Thank you for attending the school assembly this afternoon to acknowledge our new student leadership team for 2021. It was unfortunate to have to cut the presentations short however with today's Victorian Government announcement plans need to be developed.

As per the Premier's announcement, next week Cranbourne Park Primary School will be closed from Monday 15th - Wednesday 17th February. Limited supervision will be available for students (see below)

Students were provided with basic materials today to support them over the three days with curriculum plans being developed. On Monday there will be updates to the website with student activities and see-saw will be set up to enable student connections online. For those that have devices at home it is expected they will not connect online due to them needing to be reconfigured. Students will need to complete activities in the book that went home today.

Eligibility for attendance on-site:

- children whose parents are considered essential workers
- children in out-of-home care
- vulnerable children

If you believe your child fits into one of the above categories I ask that you complete the attached form and return it to the school email account ( no later than 3pm Sunday. This will enable the school to effectively plan for Monday.



Ross Carlson

On-site attendance form