Throughout the year Foundation, Grade 1 and Grade 2 students participate in PMP (Perceptual Motor Program). “Perceptual Motor is a program which aims to develop the child’s perceptions and understandings of him/herself in his/her world through movement/motor experience.” These experiences will help your child to develop locomotion, balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, fitness, body image, body rhythm, and spatial awareness.


PMP aims to develop the child rather than a skill. It is a program where language is the key. It provides the child with a wide range of experiences in seeing, touching, hearing, making perceptual judgements and reacting. PMP is about how “we” can assist the child to function more successfully in all areas of the school curriculum. All movement activities have been carefully planned so that higher order skills are accomplished.

Information taken from “A Perceptual Motor Program – A Manual for Teachers. By Judy Bullus and Peter Coles. 3rd Edition.