The Arts

The Arts program at Cranbourne Park provides an opportunity for the children to express, create and communicate. The Arts encourages the development of skills and the exploration of visual culture, performances and contemporary and traditional genres. We provide a stimulating environment where the children are encouraged to investigate and develop their ideas and ways of thinking.


Students have a specialist Art session each week where visual arts, drama, singing, instruments and dance are used to develop and explore individual and group creativity. The program is designed to build children's confidence when performing, and we provide many opportunities for this at assemblies, special days, and our annual Showtime event.


Our students are passionate about exploring and creating works of art that reflect their interpretation of their world. The weekly art program gives students the opportunity to work with a range of materials and to develop their skills in communicating their ideas and emotions. Each student is encouraged to explore their innate creativity through drawing, painting, collage, printing, textiles, modelling, construction, technology and other elements of art. Through practical activities, students learn to develop and appreciate the aesthetic value of artists and to appreciate visual arts in their own culture and the culture of others.