How do you know when your child is ready to be a success at school?

If your child is able to do some of the things in the list below, then your child is most likely to be ready to start school and to be successful in her/his first year and beyond. The more they can do the higher their chances of success will be.
  1. Is happy in childcare/kindergarten and doesn't worry about being left.
  2. Speaks in clear sentences and can be understood.
  3. Knows her/his name, and age.
  4. Can pick his/her name from a short list.
  5. Has experience with holding writing utensils and is beginning to show an interest in drawing shapes and letters.
  6. Is beginning to count out groups of 4 or 5 objects on her/his fingers on one hand.
  7. Has drawings that are beginning to look like recognisable things and likes talking about his/her drawings.
  8. Can remember songs and stories and can retell or sing them.
  9. Enjoys books and can handle them correctly.
  10. Can follow 2 or 3 simple instructions without distraction.
  11. Can find her/his belongings and look after them.
  12. Knows when he/she needs to go to the toilet and is able to ask an adult.
  13. Responds to rules and usually remembers them.
  14. Gets on well with other children, respecting their feelings and wishes.
  15. Gives and receives friendship.