In the first weeks of school

A few simple techniques will support your child in their first weeks in primary school.



You can help support your child in their first weeks in primary school by establishing routines at home, showing that you value their progress, and encouraging them to take pride in their work.


After the first day


If your child has been to a nursery or reception class, they may have had some preparation for primary school and so their transition may be smooth. However, they might still find their initial weeks a period of change and stress.

Your child may be more tired than usual and need time to relax. You may find that rather than becoming more 'grown up’, they may regress or become more difficult or defiant, in response to the stress of a new routine.

Your child may also have concerns about making friends or be more withdrawn than usual.


What you can do


In order to provide support or help your child through what can sometimes be a difficult first phase, it may help to:

  • Set aside time with your child to talk about Cranbourne Park Primary School and take an interest in what they have been doing.
  • Listen carefully to any worries your child might have.
  • Try to keep a regular routine at home to keep stress to a minimum.
  • Make sure your child knows what is happening on a day-to-day basis and is informed in advance about any changes to their routine.
  • Encourage your child to build friendships with children in their class.
  • Keep positive as some problems may be resolved as your child adapts to a new way of life.

If you cannot sort out problems your child has by talking to them, you may find it useful to talk to your child's teacher about your concerns.